March 16, 2011

I Cannot belive it....

So this past Friday Mr. DB & I closed on our first house and began moving in! Needless to say all Friday, Saturday & most of Sunday was spent cleaning, painting, moving & unpacking. Since my mind was completely consumed with the new house I had little time to realize that the 2WW was over. It finally hit me Sunday night that I could test. I of course immediately ran over to the nearest drug store & bought the early response. When I got home I took the test and there is was a faint line. I didn't believe it, so I took another and the same result. I took them in to Mr. DB and asked him if I was seeing things. He smiled and told me I was pregnant. I still couldn't believe what I was seeing! Monday morning I got up bright and early to have my blood drawn to verify. On the way home I decided to get a digital to make sure. Of course the digital screen popped up with Pregnant!I called yesterday morning to get the results of my first beta & it was 58. They told me to get another blood test done this morning to make sure everything was going right. So this morning I took my 2nd beta & I am anxiously waiting to see if I am doubling!
I can't describe how excited and happy I am to know there is/might be our little miracle growing inside me.

So far my symptoms have included being ridiculously tired all the time (i sleep like 10 hours a night & still need an afternoon nap), my breasts are very sore, I feel super bloated (a little constipated, sorry I know TMI), and I have had a little morning sickness but not too bad.

If all goes well with my 2nd beta results I will be able to break the news to my mother at Disneyland!!!! Which will truly make her vacation!


Teacher Bud said...

Congratulations!! I am so excited for you!

Cupcake Bud said...

Congrats :) how exciting

Cactus Bud said...


Sounds like you have a plan in place to really make Disney the happiest place on Earth for your mom.


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