March 3, 2011

I Tested

So I decided I would test this morning and then Saturday and then Monday. This morning's was a lovely "Not Pregnant" so I will do Saturday and Monday and if they are both negative I will stop taking the meds. At least this time in my dreams the test was negative so I didn't have all those hopeful vibes in the morning.

So I am not sure what is the problem but the injection site of my progesterone shot yesterday is now welted up and still really sore. I may have injected a small piece of glass into my bum!! I had broken the top off and didn't realize there was some glass at the bottom of the vial till I had sucked up all the Progesterone. But I checked the syringe and didn't see anything so I figured it was alright. I haven't had a reaction to the injections prior to yesterday so not sure if my body is just irritated or I put some glass in there!! I guess if it doesn't go away in a few days I will call the Dr. and see what he thinks.


Jen J. said...

:( I'm so sorry EB...sending prayers for a miracle.

Cactus Bud said...

I'm sorry to hear you got a BFN. Hopefully you have better luck with your future testing.


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