March 5, 2011

8 Weeks

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I've decided to set up a little questionnaire I'll answer each week. I figure it will make it easier for those following along to read.

Size wise this week the little embryo is roughly the size of a raspberry. Fingers and toes are just beginning to form this week, and the arms can even flex at the elbows and wrists. The eyes are becoming more obvious because they’ve begun to develop pigment (color) in the retina (back of the eye).

Also, the intestines are getting longer and there isn’t enough room for them in the baby’s abdomen, so they protrude into the umbilical cord until week 12.

By now, the beginnings of the buds that will develop into your baby's genitals have made their appearance, although they've not yet developed enough to reveal whether your baby is a boy or a girl.*

How far along: 8 weeks
Total weight change: +2. Bloat
Maternity clothes: No, but I did bust out the Bella Band once this past week to deal with bloat.
Stretch Marks: No
Movement: Too early
Sleep: I've been sleeping fine other than being woken up by mild cramps and having to pee.
Best Moment This Week: Having the calendar turn from February to March. Hopefully we'll get to see a heartbeat this month.
Belly Button In or Out: Definitely still in
Cravings/Aversions: I can't stomach the texture of eggs. I've also had issues with BBQ sauce this week.
Symptoms: Still quite mild, sometimes all but gone. I actually would love to have a few more symptoms, as strange as that may sound. Still no puking, but I've had more reliable nausea in the morning and evening. Mild growth cramps have happened occasionally, mostly in the evenings. I've had a couple of really minor instances of spotting AGAIN this week. I've also gotten introduced to pregnancy constipation this past week...which I noticed led to an instance of spotting. Mr. Metamucil has become my friend to deal with the constipation.
I'm starting to notice a trend with the spotting. I seem to spot after just about anything disturbs my nether regions (vaginal ultrasound=spotting, sex=spotting, BM=spotting). Wonderful. At least there seems to be some reasoning to it though. I'm going to mention it at my appointment next week, but Dr Google tells me spotting after each of these things is pretty common.
What I'm Looking Forward To: My first appointment with my new doctors office is this next Thursday, the 10th.

I have to confess I'm having some issues with waiting so long to know there is a heartbeat. Having had a loss in the past and having spotting throughout this pregnancy...seeing the heartbeat would comfort me. I know its no guarantee of a happy ending whether I see it now or weeks from now, but it is a huge step and the chances of a miscarriage drop dramatically once a heartbeat is seen.
From talking with my new OB office, they like to schedule the appointment for 11-12 weeks. Another month of waiting. They say that its so that it will look more like a baby. Thing is, I'm well aware that in the embryonic stage of development things don't look human. I've unfortunately seen it in person. I don't care if it looks like a manatee, a gummy bear or an alien. I just want to see that it has a heartbeat and that its measuring roughly what it should be.

*Developmental information is from:


Buttercup Bud said...

Woo hoo for being 8 weeks! I am 4 weeks behind you so it is nice to hear what to expect. I am also anxiously awaiting hearing our little Turkey's HB.

Lots of T & P's coming your way to hear a beautiful healthy HB soon!

Cactus Bud said...

Hopefully in a few weeks you'll be able to get an u/s to see the hb.

Thankfully my nausea seems to be back today, which is a little reassuring. I'm really looking forward to getting a date set for the u/s. Thursday! Been counting the days for weeks now!


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