March 12, 2011

1 Week Post Failure

This past week hasn't been as bad as I thought. I of course cry here and there and get mad when people say dumb things trying to say something to make me feel better. In case any one was wondering there isn't anything that you can say or do, unless of course you can get me knocked up then there is!! Last night though I went to my friends book club and three other girls there all have infertility issues and two were currently pregnant and one had just had her baby. It was nice to hear their stories and experiences and talk about mine to people that get it. I had soo much fun and didn't even feel sad or jealous or frustrated, all but three of us were pregnant so I was a bit worried how I might feel. I guess I am not jealous of people that are married, have their lives together that they can have kids or their fertility treatments worked because I feel they deserve it. It is the teenagers or single girls that are young, have a one night stand and keep the baby because they think it will be "fun" or the parents that resent their kids or ignore them or hate being a parent that make me frustrated and question why did they get to have kids and we don't!!

Anyways enough ranting and raving, I really am doing much better than I thought I would be so I figure it will just keep getting better.


Planner Bud said...

I am glad you are dealing better than you thought you would be. Feel free to rant as much as you want.


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