February 1, 2011

Week 11 and 12 Update: The end is in sight! Of 1st Tri, that is

Oh dear. My internet was down all last week and part of the week before, which means I came back to miles of Bloomin' Babies updates and one, two, three new Buds! Welcome, ladies!

Life has been interesting in the Cherry Bud household. As I said before, I lost my job recently, but was able to find another, which I will be starting as soon as my fingerprint reports get back. Until then, unemployment benefits are helping to pick up the proverbial tab.

In baby news:

- Morning sickness is slowly going away, though I've been having inexplicable cravings for bologna sandwiches, which I had to get past the lunch meat detecting skills of Mr. CB, aka the "Things You Can't Eat While Pregnant" Nazi. I asked my doctor about lunch meat this week and was happy to have him tell Mr. CB and me that, as long as it's packaged, I can chow down.

- The crazy pregnancy dreams have begun in earnest. Poor Mr. CB is getting woken up pretty much every night with me saying things like "I don't want to marry anyone else" and "No one is coming to get us?"

- I have had my first and second belly rub, both from the same woman, who is really quite sweet on a normal basis. It's much more obnoxious and off-putting than I would have guessed, especially when I know that Puggle (Oh! We've named the baby Puggle temporarily.) is sitting a good bit lower down than my stomach, and what bump I have is mostly from the obscene amount of food I've been eating. Also, it's just weird to have people touch your stomach.

- We had our second appointment yesterday. The long and short of that is that, despite some minor cramping this weekend, my body is handling the pregnancy beautifully (YAY), and we have a baby who would rather you didn't poke shim (Yes, shim. It's Futurama reference. Don't worry about it) with a doppler, thank you very much. I should note, there is nothing, I repeat, nothing scarier than a nurse pressing a doppler to your womb while a look of consternation plays over her face and neither of you hears anything but static. S/he was moving around a LOT, but in the end, we cornered Puggle at the bottom of my uterus and got to hear a heartbeat at a healthy, if quite fast, 163 bpm.

- We are trying to decide on a natural childbirth method. We've heard good things about Bradley and Hypnobabies, so I suppose we'll have to see.

- I could not be happier that, as of next Monday, we are officially out of 1st Tri. I tested so early, so this trimester has seemed to just creep by, and I will be excited to find out if the rumors of no sickness and more energy are true or just an elaborate hoax to lull me into a sense of false security.

Until next time,



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