January 31, 2011

A bit strange...

I know I am still about 9 days away from my expected AF date, but I can't help but notice a couple of weird symptoms. I don't know if I am being overly optimistic, or hopeful, or if I am just looking into this stuff way too much... BUT... I have had slight cramping today, along with swollen boobs (they are out of control HUGE, like WHOA) and nasty gas (sorry, I know it sounds gross but it's all in the name of observation, I can assure you). I don't know what to make of this, or if I should even make anything of this at all, but it is a bit strange.

Would any of the currently PG Buds like to share any of their first symptoms? I know we are all pretty sensitive to what we are feeling, since we are looking for signs and symptoms, and I am also aware that these symptoms can vary from woman to woman, but I fi
gured it's not a bad idea to share what you felt/feel.

Regardless... I don't want to get my hopes up :-/


Sunflower Bud said...

The day I got my bfp (10dpo), I had nausea, tender breasts, cramps and gas.

Good luck!!!

PB&J Bud said...

I hope this is it for you! When I got pregnant with Little PB&J bud I had sore boobs, slight cramping and I was SUPER tired. Like, I felt like I took to boxes of Tylenol PM. I could not keep my eyes open! And for my second pregnancy (which lasted for a whole two days) I had the same symptoms.

Fingers crossed for you!

Cherry Bud said...

I had sore boobs and a little bit of cramping.
I hope hope hope this is it for you. Good luck!


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