February 7, 2011

Third Appointment

At today's appointment we checked those little follicles and discovered that two more have appeared, we now have 12. The Dr. said they are all looking like they are getting nice and big but he doesn't want any more to appear so he has decided to drop my Menapur down to 1 ampule and then start the Cetrotide today instead of tomorrow. The nice part is I am skipping a day of Menapur tomorrow and so I only have one shot tomorrow and back to two the following day. The Cetrotide was a piece of cake and I didn't even feel it which was lovely since my stomach is getting a bit sore and swollen.

While we were waiting for my appointment a pregnant lady walked by and we commented that she looked ready to pop, her mom turned and told us she was pregnant with twins!! It gave me a glimmer of hope that yes people do actually get pregnant with IVF and that I could too this again.



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