February 8, 2011


Hi Bloomin’ Babies Readers,

I am pleased to be one of the newest buds to share with you my TTC journey. I have chosen the name Buttercup Bud because one of the meanings of the Buttercup is childishness. I think it is important to remember during all of the temping, BD timing and OPK’s to have fun.

Mr. Buttercup Bud and I each have 1 child from previous relationships. My DD is a wonderful, beautiful, spunky little girl who loves singing and dancing and all things pink. Mr. Buttercup’s son and my SS is a rough and tough little man that loves trucks and tractors. We are blessed to have these two and we love them to pieces. They cannot wait to have a little brother or sister.

Mr. Buttercup Bud and I are currently on our 3rd month TTC. I had my Mirena IUD taken out in December of 2010. Following that I had some spotting as my body regulated. I had my first real period December 12th with a cycle that lasted 24 days with a 10 day LP.

We felt more hopeful for cycle number two because we figured my body would be regulated this time. I O’d a little later than last time and my cycle lasted 29 days. We thought we were pregnant but BFN after BFN proved to be correct as AF came last Thursday.

So here we are today, on CD 6. Thankfully AF usually only visits 3 days, 4 at most so we can get back to the trying part. I have a somewhat unique opportunity to use an Ovacue. You can check them out at www.ovacue.com. Basically it is a Fertility Monitor that checks the Estrogen levels in saliva and then predicts your peak fertile time. It is a pretty cool little gadget that we were loaned from a friend.

This cycle I am going to just go with the Ovacue’s predictions and not temp or use OPK’s. I found myself stressing over my chart and scrutinizing every detail. Aside from that my awesome bloodhound chewed up my original BBT. I bought a new one and it died two days after I bought it (seriously, 2 days!) so I took it as a sign. Calm down Buttercup Bud! So to relax a bit more this cycle I will rely on my “O Machine”, as one of my friends refers to the Ovacue.

That is where we are right now. I will be sure to keep you all updated as Mr. Buttercup Bud and I navigate this roller coaster ride of TTC.

-Buttercup Bud


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