February 10, 2011

Lots of Follicles

So I purchased a GPS map of Panama to download onto my friend's GPS that they lent me so we would hopefully avoid getting as lost as last time. Panama is seriously lacking with their road signage. Even in the city it is horrendeous!! Anyways so today on the way to the appointment I decided to go with Mrs. GPS and she proceeded to lead me across the canal towards the coast, granted I would love to go to the beach than go into the city but the city was where we were expected!! Mrs. GPS then proceeded to tell me to turn right as we are crossing the bride, on the highway to get me to turn around, which I would've done if there was a road to turn onto!! Anyways we got to our appointment 20 minutes late and of course it was a jam packed day for the office and we had to wait for about 45 min's before seeing the Dr.

Today I have 17 follicles, yes 17!! Last round of IVF I had 10 which I thought was pretty good. Of the 17, 12 are a good size that will probably be good quality eggs. That should leave us with a lot of options on what we can put back in!! So tonight I will take my trigger shot of Lupron at 11:00 pm and will do the aspiration on Saturday morning at 9:00 am. Of course Mr. Explorer Bud will be arriving at the airport at 10:24 as I am recovering from anethesia, so Eric,our medical tourism contact, will figure out getting him picked up and to the hospital to give his sperm to the Dr. It is funny that in Panama, or at least at this office they do not provide any lubrication, magazines or anything they just have to go to the bathroom to give the sample. Mr. Explorer Bud felt a bit awkward since he felt like everyone knew what he was doing in there and just waiting for him to come out!! I can only imagine what that would be like!! Good thing I get to be knocked out and resting!!

Oh and the drive went well today and we found a new way to come back to the apartment so we don't have to drive through craziness!!


Mrs. Lydon said...

Thinking of you. Hope all went well this morning


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