February 13, 2011

The Great, The Good and The Annoying

The Great:

Mr. Determined Bud and I have been in the middle of trying to buy our first home. As if infertility isn’t stressful enough, we have also been dealing with the stress of looking for homes, waiting to see if our offers get approved and then waiting for short sale to be approved by the lender. We found a home back in the beginning of December that we fell in love with a very cute little 3 bed, 2 bath home with tons of great updates. Now after 2 ½ months the short sale lender finally approved our offer! We are buying our first home! We are so excited to finally be in escrow and closing around March 11th. We can’t wait to turn this house into our Home!

The Good:

Today is CD 38 (I normally have a 30 cycle) and finally AF has shown up. I knew I was not pregnant, after a few HPT & a Beta test. So I am very excited that she has shown up. I called my Dr. to set up an appointment for another ultrasound. Hopefully there are no cysts so I can start another round of treatments. Not sure if we are going to do another round of Clomid or try an injectable. I will keep everyone posted on which we choose. I am feeling very optimistic for this round!

The Annoying:

I guess because of all of the unknown and partly due to AF coming I have been a little more on edge than usual. Oh the Joys of PMS. I feel like all of a sudden every one of my friends and acquaintances on Facebook have pictures of their ultrasounds, pregnant bellies or newborn babies. I am happy for those women who are pregnant or just gave birth to their own bundle of joy, but at the same time I am envious of what I do not have. I can feel myself turning green with envy every time I see that these women were not even trying. I know all I am going through is making me a stronger person and an even better mother. It still feels like a stab in my heart every time I see a new picture on Facebook. I am so torn between happiness for these women and complete and utter envy!

That is The Great, The Good and The Annoying in my life at this moment.

Best of Luck to everyone TTC & my fellow Buds!


Diva Bud said...

Hopefully this will be your cycle :) it is perfectly normal to feel the way you do... Just know that the work will all pay off!

Explorer Bud said...

Congratulations on the house!! That is a huge relief and all that waiting!! One less thing to have to be patient about!! Hopefully next month will be the one! Good luck!

Chef Mary said...

Congrats on your new house! That's so exciting, and you must be relieved that the waiting (on that front) is over. Hope your first month in your new house is also your first month of pregnancy!


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