February 15, 2011

Follow-up with OB/GYN

So after yesterdays tragedy (there really is no other way to put it in my eyes) I had a follow-up appointment with my Doctor. Mr. DBud accompanied me to the appointment for moral support, and so we can both get all the facts. She checked me out and saw that my cervix was perfectly closed up, and the bleeding wasn't too profuse. I actually haven't even passed much tissue, to tell you the truth - a bit TMI, but c'mon, it's a sit about TTC and birthin' babies for chrissake! ;) ;) ;)

Anyway, so we chatted a bit about what may have happened, etc. I mentioned
my first tests that I took the week before and how faint the results were, and we also discussed all the symptoms I felt leading up to the actual miscarriage. She predicted, based on my symptoms and tests, that one of 2 things may have occured... I may have had a Chemical Pregnancy or a Blighted Ovum. Either way, it was definitely a miscarriage, so I am officially going to fall under the "TTC after a Loss" category, and have to wait 4-6 weeks for everything to get cleaned up down there and for AF to show her ugly face before we can think of TTCing again. My Doc gave me a prescription for a pill that will help flush me out (I forgot the name of it right now, and already dropped off the prescription), but said I may not need to take the full 9-days. She also told me not to continue taking it if I felt that it was making me cramp too much and not too much blood was coming out. She also sent for some blood work to find out my blood type (yup, it has taken me 28 years to find that out...), so if I am RH Negative, I'll need to get the RhoGAM shot. But, the part that really sucks now is NO SEX for about 4 weeks... BLAH!!!! Me. not. happy. Mr. DBud. not. happy. either. It would've been nice if we could've "relieved some stress". Oh well...

I started wondering why this happened to us the way it did, and I can't help but wonder... being Catholic and having strong beliefs in God... did he do this because he wanted me to know that it IS possible for me to get pregnant, but that right now is not a good time? I mean, I have a big audition coming up i
n three weeks, so who knows? Maybe HE wants me to do that first... But one thing is for sure... having to wait until at least April to TTC again gives us time for things to happen, especially giving me time to see where my Opera career is headed (because of the big audition). I am glad to know I was able to conceive without much help, and hope that next time I have a sticky baby to take home in 9 months...

So, for now, I am not going anywhere. I will continue to post here and there, letting you know what's up. But I am sure my TTC Journey won't be very eventful until AF shows up, signaling a new cycle. In the meantime, tons of luck and baby dust to all my Buds and all the readers!!!!! I love you all, and am so glad you can all be part of this journey with us :)


Explorer Bud said...

Good luck with your future plans and the upcoming audition. I think there is a plan for everything and sometimes we don't see what it is till we are further along in our journey. Keep up your spirits and I am sure you will have that little one before you know it!


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