February 25, 2011

Fairwell Pizza

Well, I suppose I will do my second post for the week :) How exciting... however, I am at a loss for what to say.

How about that starting next week I am kicking my workout into high gear (cause I so need to get back into routine). I started my weight loss journey a few months back and lost around 12 pounds, and then my husband and I just found out he is being forced to cross train into a new job for the military. So of course that means we have to move... which initially caused a lot of stress in the house for the last two weeks, which caused my pizza cravings to kick into high gear. I have an extreme weakness for pizza.. not just any kind either.. Chicago stuffed. I'm salivating as I write this... no joke ;)

The pizza is like a pie; cheese and toppings inside and sauce on top layer of crust. It's so good if you've never had it before I'd give it a try if there's a place around you that makes it. Anyways...

When I am stressed I don't crave sweets or anything else... just pizza. Let me tell you I have eaten more pizza these last two weeks then I have eaten in a years time. I have really tried to stay away from unhealthy foods and I usually have much more will power. But stress is my kryptonite :( and that is when pizza comes knocking on my taste buds.

I can give myself a pat on the back though cause I still did work out... not as much as I usually do every day, but I did work out. But I can feel the toll it is taking on me of not eating so healthy and not working out as much as I usually do. My body is going into fruit and veggie cravings... if you can believe that. And I so badly want to do zumba and my fitness routine with the kinect. So I've decided to have a fair well party with pizza this weekend and welcoming party for fruits and veggies.

On a side note I have been having some massive cramps and my boobs are soar as all gets up... so I am hoping this means my cycle is going to start back up :) Seriously, it needs to.. last time I saw aunt flo was beginning of November. For those who don't know PCOS causes many Cysters to have very irregular to no periods at all. But one of the best things to help with that is weight loss and vitex... so I am doing both. And I am feeling like it's working, which is a plus. Cause I need my cycle to kick back into gear in order to TTC so I can get my BFP. Let's hope it starts in the next couple weeks :)



Mrs. Lydon said...

I need to get my PCOS weight gain under control. I have gained in a years time over 100 lbs. Tell me what works for you please!!! And what is vitex??

Cupcake Bud said...

Vitex (chasteberry) helps regulate your menstrual cycle and promote fertility. It takes about three months to kick in. It is a natural herb that affects the hormonal feedback loop. I saw numerous research studies saying it was effective, and other ladies I've talked to with PCOS it has helped. It is in a lot of fertility vitamins.

I really watch the carbs I eat.. no enriched flours (or as little as possible) I try to eat more gluten-free carbs. Fruits and veggies. I also make sure I take multi-vitamin.

And if you work out at least 30 minutes for 5-6 days a week it really helps. It can be just walking but at least 30 minutes.

I take other supplements as well to help with the weight that are natural.

Cinnamon extract: helps with sugar (insulin resistance)

vitamin D: almost all women with PCOS have a huge deficiency in this and it helps fertility, weight control, absorption of nutrients, helps liver health. There is research that says lack in vitamin D is what causes some with PCOS to get type 2 diabetes later on in life. It is shown that diabetics have deficiency too.

vitamin B complex: helps with headaches, acne, lessening hair growth etc.

DIM: many women with PCOS have a huge estrogen dominance - dim helps breakdown the dominance of it which helps balance your progesterone.

CoQ10: helps glucose levels, diabetes, cancer etc. It said that women with PCOS have lower levels in this - it is a natural antioxidant that your body makes.

These are things I take to help with PCOS. After not much success with doctors or getting help I did a lot of research for a couple years. I did the natural route before and it worked. I had more success with the natural route than with drugs.

These of course are my personal choices and I am not a medical professional, but hopefully this will help and you can further look into them too and decide if you'd like to try any.

Teacher Bud said...

I just wanted to say I LOVE Chicago style stuffed pizza! My favorite combination is spinach, feta and onion. So good!


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