February 11, 2011

Cherry Bud's Guide to 1st Tri

I will officially be 14 weeks this Monday, which means that I have been out of First Tri for one glorious week. To commemorate the blessed event, here is my how-to guide for things you need to know about your first trimester.

On Food and Nutrition....

- Don't plan meals at this point. My stomach was so touch and go that an entire chicken went bad in the freezer before I found that I could eat meat again...this week. Just eat what sounds good right this minute, even if that thing is fruit roll-ups for two days. Which I totally did NOT do. Of course. Because that would be terribly unhealthy of me.

- Because you really should be at least attempting to eat healthy, try and find things that your body can handle that will give you what you need. I couldn't do meat or most vegetables, but I could do peanut butter and V8 juice, which helped supplement.

- Embrace the moment that you encounter a once favorite food and find yourself retreating to the bathroom. It's your body saying "You really are pregnant! For reals!". For me it was Chef B R Dee, which claims to give a full serving of vegetables, and who am I to argue with a Chef? They went to school for this, they know these things.

On Doctor's Appointments...

- This is said over and over, but WRITE DOWN any questions or concerns you have; Pregnancy Brain is real and it will steal all your thoughts.

- If your DH is with you for that first ultrasound where you see the babies heartbeat, warn the poor man that it's going to be an internal. Poor Mr. CB was completely unprepared for the moment that they stuck a very large camera..you...know...up there. So was I, actually. It's very large, you see.

- Crying upon seeing your LO's heartbeat is completely acceptable.

On your Body...

- Yea, your boobs are going to get enormous. You are truly not prepared for how very enourmous they are going to be. They will be "Honey, I'm applying to be a porn star!" Huge. Except you shouldn't apply to be a porn star, because the guys in those movies are always feeling up on the girls, and anyone who comes within touching distance of my bazoombas is going to be attacked by something resembling a half-angry-pregnant-woman-half-hungry-puma. I went up a cup and band size by the time I was eleven weeks, and I'm already needing to go up another band size and possibly another cup size. Mr. CB is loving it. Me, not so much.

- Sex is...umm..iffy at best. There have been times when nothing has sounded worse to me than having anything to do with MR. CB's nether regions. Then, out of the blue, my body will say "SEX!! NOW!!". Usually when DH is not home, and by the time he gets home, I have reverted to an asexual, schlubby mess again.

- No matter what sport or physical activity you were into before you got pregnant, pooping just became your new Olympic sport. You win a gold medal if you can manage the deed in under fifteen minutes and with no tears. Seriously, I was late to work this morning for this very bullet point, and I wasn't taking home a gold medal, either.

On your brain...

I actually can't remember what I was going to write here, so I may go cry for no reason.

All in all, it's not an easy thing, first tri. It's tough, but it's beyond worth it when you pass that twelve week mark and you realize people weren't lying when they said you get a little energy back and you suddenly find you can eat again. Plus, your belly is starting to show, and nothing replaces the feeling of looking down and saying, "Hello, little one!" Even though you know they can't hear you yet.

I apologize for the lack of belly pictures. We got a new camera for Christmas, I just keep forgetting we own it.

Lots of love and baby dust,



Cactus Bud said...

Thanks for the pointers :-)

Diva Bud said...

Thanks! This is going to be helpful since I am headed down that road soon... I really enjoyed reading this post.
Congrats on getting past the first hump! :)


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