January 11, 2011

Sick and Sicker - a 9w Update

Being pregnant is wonderful. The idea of a teeny little person growing inside me, the congratulations from all the nice church people, the way Mr. CB rubs my still non-existent baby bump all affectionately while we lay on the couch.

So yes. It is good.

But there is one thing that I would give anything to be able to do again.

Really, the ability to take any medicine without feeling like I am the worst mother on the face of the planet would be super. I have the cold to end all colds and seriously, it's not ok.

In other news:

Morning sickness is slowly abating. I've added soup and canned ravioli back onto the list of foods that don't make me want to be violently ill.

Emotional turmoil is NOT slowly abating. Mr. CB has the same cold I do, poor guy, and the sound of him sniffling makes me want to murder a puppy. It's not rational, but the sheer anger that swells in me at that noise is a bit intimidating.

We have an appointment to hear Baby CB's heartbeat on the 31st. I'm excited about this. Because it's too early to feel any movement yet, All I have is an ultrasound picture and the upcoming heartbeat jam session to convince me that there is, in fact, a baby growing inside me.

I am slowly getting out of the habit of freezing every time I have pain in the uterine area and panicking over the idea of a miscarriage. I've had a fair share of ligament pain when I cough and sneeze and laugh and live in general, and I'm finally allowing myself to accept that it is a normal part of pregnancy and that the baby is probably ok.

Crazy as always,



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