January 10, 2011

And we start again...

That's right another IUI! AF decided to show her ugly face yesterday when we were trying to celebrate my father's birthday. I was so sure there for awhile. I had it all planned. We would wait until after a couple beta tests to tell my parents. I would get a Disney vacation guide and leave it at my parents with a belated birthday card to my father from the baby. It would be cute yet witty. I really don't know why I do this month after month! I hope I will eventually be able to use one of my ideas.

In addition to AF, I got to wake up at 5 am this morning so I could be at my useless beta for 6:30. I then had an appointment with my RE. Even though I am sure he says this to everyone, I was touched when he said he was upset it didn't work. He also said that he doesn't see any reason for us not being pregnant by the end of the year, especially since we are young. Our plan is do two more IUI cycles with Clomid since my body reacted well with it. If these don't work then we will go onto IVF, something I have a lot of faith in.

I feel like we are back to our first few months TTC. I am upset that it didn't work but I keep telling myself that it was only the first try and these things take time. I just hope I am not planning myself into a corner.



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