December 1, 2010

Three Cheers for Progress!

39 weeks pregnant. Holy cheese and crackers.

I am without a doubt carrying differently this week, and rapidly running out of anything that could be considered "under my belly".

We had our 39 week appointment today, and I was terrified that if there were still no progress Dr Loh would bring up induction - not to schedule - but to start the conversation. Fortunately, it never got to that point... because we have progress!! 1cm, moving anterior and a dropping baby. YAY! I know it means nothing in the grand scheme of things, but it makes me feel a little better. And then after the appointment, I lost my mucous plug and had some bleeding.

I don't know if it's an infertility thing, but seeing bright red blood in the toilet FREAKED me out. My mind immediately went to a bad place. Even though i JUST saw the baby. I know I'm going to have palpitations for the rest of the day every time i go to the bathroom.

We also had a quickie ultrasound to check the fluid levels. Dr Loh said it's not uncommon for IVF pregnancies to have fluid issues towards the end - but my fluid pockets were all great. I may not be able to get pregnant, but my body loves BEING pregnant. Now if only I could get these contractions I've been having to actually stay regular instead of petering out all the time!

And even better than all of that news... i lost another pound. So, now it's 19 pounds for 39 weeks. THAT couldn't make me happier. I'm still well within my goal of 20 pounds for the pregnancy, and that thrills me. Dr Loh and Mr. DB are both really proud of me.

So - we're pretty much at the end. I'm ready. But as ready as I am, I can't help but think about after... i think i'm really going to miss being pregnant. I never thought I would love having a giant santa belly and watching it jiggle like the ocean. Yeah - i hate the back/hip/leg pain, and not being able to get up by myself, but I love this closeness and the feelings that only I can feel. In a couple of weeks this baby goes from being mine to being everybody's.

I can't believe how fast this has gone or how close I am.


Sunflower Bud said...

You're progressing better than I did! I didn't reach 1cm until after 7 hours on Pitocin. :)


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