December 29, 2010

Not the worst news...

...but it is far from the best.

I am a nanny. I love my job, I love the baby I take care of. This was the conversation with my employer today, along with my thoughts:

"Cherry Bud (because that's what she calls me), we need to talk Oh snap, what did I do? about some changes that will be happening with Brianna Oh. Either weaning off the paci or potty training, probably. About time on both. Briann's Grandma hasn't been well, and she has wanted to watch Bri from the beginning, but her schedule wouldn't allow it Oh, yes, Jeanine said she had Wednesdays and Thursdays off now. I wonder how that will affect my pay but now she's going to be quitting her job because of medical issues Oh no so your last day will be January 26."

I've lost my job.

My means of paying for prenatal care and delivery bills. Mortgage, Food, Diapers, Baby Furniture, Baby clothes.

I feel like I should be devastated, and I would be lying if I said there is no worry in the pit of my stomach. There is.

But there is peace, as well. When my boss asked what I would do, I heard myself say, inexplicably,

"I will be taken care of. God has never let me down before."

I am trying to cling to the peace that says that I was not given a baby only to have God withhold any means of caring for them. I have a support system of family here in town, and Mr. CB has a job that pays well enough.

If you pray, I would ask you to pray. If you think good thoughts, I ask for those.

Right now, we have a healthy baby, and that's enough blessing even without a job.



Jen J. said...

i'm so sorry to hear that. sending a prayer up for you. :)


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