December 29, 2010

Follow Up

So, yesterday, I went to my Doctor for my follow-up appointment. Apparently, I am very healthy! Cholesterol was good, sugar was good, thyroid was normal, etc. The results of my stress test (walking on a treadmill and blowing into this little machine) werre also good. He ran me through this machine and did a body scan, deciding that he wanted me to lose like 20kilos of fat and gain muscle.

He is starting me on a diet program of 1200 calories a day, burning 300 with exercise, and has introduced me to an App to help with my "fitness" goals. It's called "MyFitnessPal". It's pretty cool ;) it helps you track what you eat, counting calories, etc.

Basically, now I will just start this, take care of myself and hope things start to happen. He said he wanted to give me an appetite suppressant and some metformin to get me going, so we'll see how that goes.

I need to go buy a bunch of vitamins, a pulse monitor, and some muscle milk, all recommended by the Doc himself :)

Hopefully I can stay on track and reach my goals... My ultimate goal being having a baby bump by next Christmas :)

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