December 1, 2010

More Doors Closed...

Happy Holidays everyone! It is December 1, and I can hardly believe that it is almost time to ring in 2011. I know that December will go by in a blur, and I am just trying to take it one day at a time. It has been a rough few weeks, but we did have a nice Thanksgiving and a nice much needed break from reality.

I had a week off from work over the holiday. My in laws came into town, so as much as it is fun to have visitors over the holidays, it still was VERY busy and I felt very depressed at times. But, I worked through it and got over the bumps in the road. The saddest thing was AF's arrival the day after Thanksgiving. It is always hard to see her come, even though I know she is expected. She has been coming with a vengeance recently, and it is so hard to get through the first couple of days once she arrives.

The next thing that has been hard is being turned away by the adoption agency that we thought we would be using. I finally received the application and I read over it carefully. They kept stressing how they only work with "born again Christians" and those of Evangelical faith. So, before I even began filling out the app I contacted the case manager to ensure we qualified. Nope. We don't. I guess being Catholic doesn't have its perks right now. The sad thing about this is that this agency had a really reasonable fee (it was based off of 10% of your income), and that was a huge factor for us in working with them.

So, now I am back to square one. The agency we really love that we met with this summer has a high price tag, and we just don't know if we can swing that. Well, we CAN, but it is going to be tough and we are scared to take that plunge. I want to go ahead and sign with the agency, so that we can actually go ahead and apply for grants (most require you to have signed with an agency or have a home study done already), and Mr. JB is weary because of the money involved.

Any suggestions from my BB family?

Thanks for listening.

~June Bud



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