November 30, 2010

Guess who came to visit??

Aunt Flo! And right on schedule... Which is a good thing, I guess. For as irregular as I have been my entire life, it's great to know that things are sorta working in here! But I really must mention... My cramps are horrendous!!!!! Like I can barely function from how bad my pains are :-/ I already took 3 advils and am hoping they will go away. Ugh! This is terrible!

So yeah, I have some updates... we have pushed back our TTC window to March, which sucks!!!!! But we have a good reason... Mr DBuds company got Aflac which begins on January 1st. They have good benefits for Maternity and stuff, so it works out. The only bad thing is that we have to hold off a bit so we can benefit from the benefits :) I guess it's good in a few ways because I will be getting myself checked out (made my first Dr's appointment to get referred to an RE), and we can have more time to save some money, etc.

But right now, my cramps are so bad that I have to end my short post here. I will be around later when I compose myself...

See ya later!



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