November 23, 2010

Put the tests down!!!

Because I still refuse to believe this is real and I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop, I've been testing.... and testing.... and testing.

But I think once you reach the point where your test line is darker than your control line... it's time to stop. This one is from a few days ago.... the one I did tonight the control line is barely visible.

I also did one of those Clear Blue digital tests that have the Conception Indicator tonight. It said 3+ on it which = 5 weeks.

Hoping that means I'm going to have a really super great incredible beta number tomorrow!!!

So far, I'm not feeling much. For a bit there I was wondering if I was imagining the tests! But today I woke up with a twinge of morning sickness which proceeded to get worse throughout the day, peaking this evening. Once I ate, I felt much better. I'm also just tired. Very very very tired.

I've had horrible dreams of waking up bleeding and miscarrying. I just need to get passed those first couple ultrasounds so I can feel better about this.

Mr. Sunflower Bud is 100% convinced that it's twins. I'm leaning towards singleton.

We did make a deal though.... twins = we'll find out the gender... singleton = gender is a surprise!

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