November 17, 2010

Mixed Feelings...

I was taking some time to catch up withy fellow Buds, and wanted to start off by sending my heart and my thoughts to my girls Golden Bud, Magnolia Bud, Sarcastic Bud and Blueberry Bud... As someone new to this TTC journey, I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through. We are here for you! I am praying that you will all have your take home baby soon...

And to Sunflower Bud, congratulations!!! :) What an exciting time!! A H&H 9 months to you and your LO.

Well, the Holidays are here... We cannot deny it anymore. I went to the Mall with my mother the other day to buy a gown for a concert, and couldn't help but notice the beautiful Holiday decorations and Christmas music :) it truly is the most wonderful time of the year!!!!

I finally got my insurance card, and will begin converting myself into a lab-rat soon, having various tests done, and searching for a good RE to see if I can get my weight under control, and start a family with Mr. DBud.

I was kind of hoping we would've had a nice little "We're pregnant" announcement for our families on Thanksgiving... but it doesn't seem like that's the case. I am sure I'll still POAS that day, for kicks, but I have a feeling I will just see a BFN. This cycle was a bust for us, considering my schedule completely sucked and I was lazy about temping and stuff. Shame on me :-/

Though, I must admit, I still feel a bit lost with this TTC stuff. I always read about fellow buds drinking teas, and taking vitamins, etc... I want to learn about that stuff too. Like, what else can I do to give my fertility a little boost?? Any advice?? :)

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Cherry Bud said...

I still feel a bit lost with TTC stuff, and I've been at it for the better part of a year! I take vitex to ::hopefully:: help with the length of my cycles and Green Tea for some reason that I knew once but that escapes me now. It is allegedly good for fertility, and V8 has juice blends that have green tea in them, and they are DELICIOUS.

Cherry Bud said...
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Magnolia Bud said...

Hey DB! Thanks for the shout out :) Here's what I take, and why I take it:
-Green tea (drink 1-2 cups/day): Helps with CM production.
-PNV's (self-explanatory).
-B6 (100mg): Helps lengthen luteal phase.
-Vitex (starting next cycle): Helps strengthen ovulatory response (has been called the "natural clomid").
-Maca root (starting next cycle): Helps raise body's progesterone levels and good for libido/energy (useful if a LP defect is suspected).
-Red raspberry leaf tea, nettles tea, oat straw tea: All are generally good for reproductive health. RRL is also used in 3rd tri to help prepare the ute for labor; Nettles can be used throughout your reproductive years as it's a good tea for females; and oat straw tea is a mild sedative/relaxant. I'm on oat straw for relaxation/anxiety purposes.
Hope this helps! Good luck with all of your testing!

Diva Bud said...

Thanks for all your help, Ladies :)


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