November 13, 2010

Finally some good news for a change!

I had my 7dpo blood work done yesterday. My estradiol was 221 and my progesterone was 28.1. The nurse was very pleased with both of those numbers and said they were wonderful.

She knows I've been stressing about that 14mm follicle maturing so she told me that a woman in the office triggered with an 18, 14, and 14 and found out yesterday that she is expecting triplets. She said we can't be 100% sure but there are some good indications that my 14mm most likely matured and released an egg too.

I tested out my trigger and it's completely gone now. So now I wait for it to turn dark again. :)

I've had some serious exhaustion which has been putting me to bed much earlier than normal for me. Last night, I had sore boobs and yesterday afternoon some dull cramping for about an hour. Hopefully those are all good signs!


Magnolia Bud said...

Good luck! My fingers are crossed for you! I had serious exhaustion and crampy twinges when I got my BFP too--I really hope this is it for you.


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