October 19, 2010

Pre-IVF Appointment

I just got back from the RE where I had my pre-IVF appointment, which consisted of a catheter check/mock transfer, more bloodwork, and injection training. I also got my IVF calendar.

Catheter Check/Mock Transfer
- No one told me this part would hurt!!! I guess I never really asked either, but OUCH. The pain was comparable to my HSG, but the cramping is still going. Basically, the RE puts in the catheter that they use to do the embryo transfer to get an idea of where she is going with it for the real thing. She also used the vag cam, as if I wasn't already uncomfortable enough.

Bloodwork- This was our infectious disease panel. Mr. Sassy Bud got to partake in the blood drawing fun also. Too bad the nurse wouldn't give him the pink bandage like I requested.

Injection Training
- The first three injections I will be taking seemed like no biggie (Lupron, Follistim, & low dose HCG). The post ER drug, on the other hand, NOT fun. PIO- Progesterone in Oil- is painful and the needle is big.

IVF Calendar
- Basically I have one more week of BCP, a few days of Lupron, and then I start my other meds to stimulate my ovaries. Timing wise- I could be PG by Thanksgiving, depending on my response!

I don't have to go back for monitoring until next CD1, which should be about 2 weeks from today.



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