October 18, 2010

Official Retraction

I may need to retract my last post.

I think I'm pregnant.

I took a test, and there were definitely two lines there. Not to mention the symptoms I've been having that I have totally blamed on the progesterone - fatigue, sore BBs, mild cramping, lower back aches, gas and nausea.

I must have ovulated A LOT later than I thought. I have been off of progesterone for two days, which kind of makes me nervous.

I'm going to wait until Thursday and then test again - just to make sure it wasn't an evaporation line. Not calling my doctor yet either.

My first reaction? I cried. I'm so scared.


Sunflower Bud said...

I would call the doctor. The drop in progesterone could signal your body to miscarry. That happened to me in July. Not trying to scare you but you may want to be on a progesterone supplement because of that.

June Bud said...

Congrats I am rooting for you! I'd give the doc a call!

Golden Bud said...

I can understand being scared considering all you've gone through. I wish I could just say "Don't worry!" but I know that's no help. All I can suggest is talk to the doctor, get the supplements you need, and take it one day at a time. We're here for you!

Magnolia Bud said...

Congrats! My fingers are crossed for you.

Silver Rose said...

I'm rooting for you too!


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