October 6, 2010

Nothing new to report.

Just coasting along on the birth control pills.

Devil pills. I hate them.

I forgot just how much I hate these things. Moody, emotional and ZERO sex drive.

And I'm not entirely sure if they are working, which is the worst part.

I had some random bleeding yesterday even though it's been 3 days since AF officially disappeared. I don't normally breakthrough bleed on birth control pills but I figure it's either that or maybe the cyst sprunk a leak? Wishful thinking, yes. I've been crampy for a couple days. I just pray that there is something GOOD going on in there. Shrinking instead of growing, please.

Really hoping for good news on the 15th when I go in for my re-scan.


lmc5004 said...

Im coasting thru BCP land with you but I just started yesterday so after today 19 days to go.... blah! Why must there be so much BCPs in our cycles?! Why do I need them for FET!


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