October 22, 2010

Itching to POAS!!!!!

I am 13dpo and itching to POAS... Even though Fertility Friend (www.fertilityfriend.com) says to wait until 18dpo.

Decisions, decisions... I think I am going to buy a 3 pack of First Response tests and take one tomorrow... That is, if I don't take one tonight ;) I can't help but be anxious! I have had some cramping and gas, and my forehead broke out like never before (it's only a few blemishes, but that's a lot for me since I normally have good, blemish-free, skin). I have been a little moody too. Then again, I could be overanalyzing all this :-/ I guess we'll find out soon enough!

I just have to say... If Mr. DBud and I are successful in our 1st month TTC, I will be sooooooo shocked. Like, seriously, I will be shocked beyond belief. If I am not, of course I will be slightly disappointed, but I never thought of myself as being one of those women who conceive on their first try. And what's more, the night we BDed and *possibly* conceived, Mr. DBud finished quicker than ever! I know, TMI, but he usually takes forever, and this time it was super quick!! So strange...

Until my next update... :)

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