October 13, 2010

Got anything to spare?

Here I am 2 days before my re-scan on my cyst to see if it's gone or not. I've taken 14 days of the birth control pills so far. I detest them.

If you have any prayers, good thoughts, juju, rain dance, whatever you've got to spare, please send them my way that this little bugger is gone and I can stop taking these awful devil pills. I don't have a good feeling about it but maybe that's me being my usual pessimistic self.



Dandelion Bud said...

oh honey - i wish I could do something about the pessimism. If you were closer, I'd smack you. But for now, i'm just sending virtual hugs.

Golden Bud said...

I truly feel your impatience and frustration. I hope that cyst stops giving you grief soon!


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