October 25, 2010

The fat lady, singing, etc.

I got my voice back today. I mentioned in an earlier post that I can tell I'm pregnant by the way my singing voice changes. I didn't have the heart to sing all weekend so I don't know when my voice changed back to normal.. All I know is that on my way home today I sang and hit all the high notes and then--I kid you not--AF arrived the second I got home. Of course I found this out when I went upstairs to pee on a stick. I haven't looked closely at it but I'm pretty sure it was a faint faint positive. Bet it'll be negative tomorrow.

In other news, my doctor is out of town all week, so I have no follow-up (aka WTF) planned. I emailed my donor coordinator today to ask for pricing and a sample calendar for a frozen cycle but she never wrote back. My prediction about a free or discounted cycle is therefore still in play.

As much as AF sucks, I'm relieved that my body is marching forward. And so far I haven't had any major cramping or anything like that. As gross as it sounds, a heavy flow will ease my mind a bit about scarring--uterine adhesions can sometimes cause your period to stop--so I'm sort of looking forward to a bit of action. 

In the meantime, I've wasted no time in eating raw oysters and salami, drinking, and taking hot baths. I stopped taking my prenatals so that I can poop like a normal person for once in 3 years. Might as well enjoy myself for the next month or so.

So now I wait for my doctor and donor coordinator to get back to me. And I'm thinking of Magnolia Bud and Diva Bud and Blueberry Bud and June Bud and Sarcastic Bud and Cherry Bud, too.

Golden Bud


June Bud said...

I am thinking of you too!!!!

Rai said...

I've been thinking of you too. My heart is just breaking for you over this.
Cherry Bud


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