October 16, 2010

faint line limbo

I now have in my hands 4 hpts with lines so faint that I need my glasses to see the line. On the one hand, a line is a line. On the other hand, by this time in my last cycle (8d3dt or 11dpo) I had a faint but unmistakable positive. This time I need magnification and a bright light to see the line. Granted, I'm using a different brand of test than last time (similar cheapie internet strip), so perhaps these aren't as sensitive. I'm also worried that I may be seeing evap lines. But then again, I have another 5-6 hpts that don't have the line. I also used one to test Mr. GB's urine and his has no line.

Here you can see what I'm talking about. I had to tweak the contrast to make the line stand out. Sorry about the bizarre colors.

Here's another view with a series of tests. Mr. GB's test from this morning is on top. I have a few other clear negatives that I didn't include because their surfaces were kind of scratched and they were hard to read.

I have too much time on my hands!

So here I wait for the evening to test again, which is when I seem to get better results.


Praying for a line,
Golden Bud


Natosha said...

I see a line, and I didn't need to squint!! Hoping it keeps getting darker!

As long as that line shows up within the first 5 minutes, I'd say your pregnant!

Can't wait to hear more :)


Sunflower Bud said...

I didn't need to squint at all! I see a definitely line. Go get a good test like a FRER and test! I bet it comes up super dark!

Worry Bud said...

I definitely see a line too! I agree with SB - go get a FRER & you will have a better idea. I tested with a internet cheapie & FRER on the same day & the cheapie was SOOO light @ 9dp5dt (14dpo), so those things suck but as long as you see something, I bet it's good news. So I agree with PPs, wooo...can't wait to hear your next update.

Magnolia Bud said...

I see a line too, no squinting required! IC's were the last to show up for me--get an FRER! I'm so excited and happy for you!

Sarcastic Bud said...

I'm with everyone else - I def. see a line!

Can't wait to hear an update from you.

I'm thinking and praying for you!

Diva Bud said...

YESSS -crossing fingers and toes-... go take a good test, honey... and then update us asap! GL


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