September 21, 2010

Well, Welcome AF... so nice to see you!

Well, not completely... AF does kind of suck... but it's good to know that this was a good month, as far as "regularity" is concerned. I mean, my last cycle began on the 18th of August, and here I am on September 21st, starting anew. It's a little funky to start - a little brown and very light -but still good news for a PCOS stricken individual, such as myself. This puts me at about a 34 day cycle, and means I can officially start temping and checking my fertility signs as of tomorrow morning. This also means ::drum roll, please:: that this will officially be the first month we actively try to TTC!!!!! Yippeeeeee!!!!! I am going to talk to Mr. DBud about it some more tonight, and I have a feeling he'll be happy to hear the news :) Let's keep our fingers crossed that this doesn't turn into too much of a drawn out process, and we can conceive soon... hopefully there'll be lots of BD this month ;)

In the meantime, I am trying to be better about what I am eating and drinking... I have noticed that it has helped a lot! Less caffeine = (more) on-time cycles. This time last year, I had no AF from August thru December. I POAS several times (about 12) and kept getting BFNs... so needless to say, I was very concerned. We were TTA but I was not on the pill because I've been trying to cleanse my body of all that BCP madness to begin the TTC prep...

I know it's a lot to ask that we get a nice BFP this cycle... and even though I know my chances are slim, I am trying to stay positive. Sometimes, when dealing with all this TTC and Fertility stuff, that's all we have... our positive attitudes!

Good luck and Baby Dust to all of you out there, and to my fellow Buds... maybe this month will be the month for many :)


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