September 23, 2010

Steps in a new direction

We met with Dr. P this morning to discuss my latest blood test results. My slightly elevated FSH coupled with my low progesterone this month leads him to believe there is ovulatory dysfunction going on. My mother went through menopause early at 38 and he said that this may be the case for me as well. So in his words, "We can't drag feet here."

I'm to call as soon as I start my period (in the next few days) and then they will have me come in for my baseline appointment. At that point, they will call in to the pharmacy of my choice (they gave me a list of 4 they recommend) to order my meds. I'll be on a low dose of Follistim to start out conservatively and see how I respond, ramping up if necessary. Then I'll be going in daily for ultrasounds and bloodwork after a few days on that to see how I'm responding. Once ovulation is imminent, I will be triggering with 10,000 miu of Novarel HCG. And then taking vaginal progesterone suppositories until either I'm not pregnant or until 12 weeks of pregnancy.

He said that there is a 22% chance of conceiving with this protocol with my history.

He also said he doesn't feel IUI is necessary but would do it if we wanted. He feels we would be wasting our money though so I agreed to give it a shot with TI this month and see what happens, maybe move on to IUI next cycle.

He didn't even feel the need to really discuss IVF at this point, saying he doesn't feel I'm a candidate for it yet and we'd worry about it after a few cycles of this.

So... that's where I stand. A little nauseous about the cost but knowing it will be worth it.



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