September 14, 2010

It's about that time...

It's CD 53, and while I did have fertile CM this week, my chart will be happy to show you that, for me, this is clearly not a sign of anything at all.

So it's time to start thinking about ending this cycle. Dr. Baggins gave me a Provera prescription with directions to go ahead and induce my period if I went past 60 days. For some reason, this is incredibly difficult for me to think about. Every time I start thinking about getting the prescription filled, a voice in my head says "But what if CD 60 is the day you're going to ovulate?"

I know I could do that forever, and drive myself strait into a 100 day cycle, simply by saying "But what if O day is tomorrow?" I want so badly for my body to do things on its own, especially since, as I said last time, I know that it can.

It's been a frustrating week



The Domestic Princess said...

I so hear 'ya! I'm on cd35 today with 10 + opk's under my belt. It's so hard not to keep thinking that it's going to happen on it's own.


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