September 30, 2010


It's CD 69, and my cross hairs have vanished for the third (fourth?) time this cycle.

But I'm not talking about that today.

This week on a message board I frequent, the question was asked "How do you distract yourself from the TTC madness?" I'm paraphrasing a bit, but that's the general gist.

It's a good question, really, because TTC has a nasty habit of infiltrating every nook and cranny in my brain until its hard to think of anything else. It becomes preoccupying and stressful, which kind of defeats the purpose.

So what does one do?

In my case, a lot of my distraction comes from the written word.

I am currently taking part in a book challenge through Stainless Steel Droppings, and as of tomorrow, I will be taking part in the Nest's Fall Book Challenge. I love reading, and I love checklists. Book challenges combine them both into a cornucopia of fun.

When reading doesn't sound enjoyable (read:almost never), I write. I've been writing a manuscript for about a year now, mostly for my own enjoyment, rather than for publication.

Both avenues allow me to immerse myself in fiction, which is, to me, the ultimate distraction from everything (for serious. When HP and the Deathly Hallows came out, I locked myself in my room for eight hours to read it. Mr. Cherry Bud though I had run away.). I have to stay away from books involving babies, but I don't mind. The literary world has plenty to offer in the way of baby-free materials.

What do you do to distract yourself from the baby-making madness?




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