September 29, 2010

4 weeks, 6 days

The past six days (since my +HPT) have flown by. Mr. Magnolia Bud and I are thrilled, and we're starting to believe it's real. I wanted to share my observations from the past week with you all.

1. Bloat only gets worse! I had to use the hairband trick last weekend to get into my jeans--but once I had it fastened, boy were they comfy! [A note: I went out and bought two BeBands last night, just in case I need them sooner than I hope to--white and black.]

2. I've read a lot of newly-pregnant women on the Bump say that they're hungry all the time. I'm not. I was a pretty clean eater before, and I've cut out all the junk now (well, except the snickerdoodles Mr. MB made me last week!). I'm finding that it's hard to get all the protein I'm supposed to be eating, along with all the fruits & veggies. I don't have food aversions, unless I can count just not wanting to eat much. I actually made a little chart that I keep with me so I can check off my food groups. I really just want to do everything for this embryo in my power to help it stick around.

3. Every time I use the restroom, I still check the TP for spotting. I never knew it was possible to worry so much about someone so teeny. Seriously. Size of a poppy seed.

4. One of my coworkers asked me flat out yesterday if I were pregnant (he does this from time to time--he was making a joke about doulas). I'm feeling pretty good about my lawyering skills since I was able to turn the question around on him and get him talking about pet parenting instead.

5. Mr. Magnolia Bud has been incredibly excited and supportive this entire journey, and he told me something last weekend that made me even more excited about this pregnancy and going through this journey with him--he had been following my chart, and every day would ask how my temp was that morning. The day I got my BFP, I told him that my temp went down (it did a little), and he was just like "oh, ok." After I got my BFP, he told me that even though he was nonchalant, he was really sad about the temp dropping. He teared up a little when he told me that. I think he's a keeper!

Lots of love and baby dust!
-Magnolia Bud

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