August 19, 2010

Wooohooo crosshairs!!!

First let me start by saying TEMPING SUCKS. I forgot how truly I detested it. I also suck at it. I can never seem to do it at the same time every morning, hence the open circles.

I still cannot believe I ovulated on CD11. Holy early for me. Thank goodness I got the urge to use an OPK that day or I would have totally missed my surge this month and been convinced that I was still broken!

I'm 3dpo today. I go to the RE's office on Monday for my blood test to check progesterone and Estradiol. I'm realllly hope it was a good ovulation!

Now I need to find a way not to obsess for the next 2 weeks comparing every little symptom to last month.

God, I hope this is a lucky month. I really do.


Cherry Bud said...

Yay for cross hairs! I hope this is your lucky month, too!

Worry Bud said...

I actually hate temping too! I didn't realize how much I hated it until after I realized we likely needed to do IVF & that I didn't need to temp anymore (plus I could tell when I was O'ing & normally did around the same time each month). GL this month - I hope this is the one for you too!!

C said...

Congrats on your crosshairs!

(I hate temping too!)

June Bud said...

I hear u!!! I hate temping, and I have tons of open circles too! GL!


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