August 5, 2010

Well, Hello Cross Hairs

FF surprised me this morning with dashed cross hairs. I'm not sure I agree completely, as there really hasn't been any other fertility signs. No EWCM, only one day of even watery CM. But the thermal shift is there. It can't be denied.

I'm not sure what to think at the moment. I've never ovulated this early. Ever. On the one hand, if I did O, huzzah I can O on my own. It would tell me that the Provera did it's job admirably, and, an added plus, our timing would have been pretty good. Which could mean a baby. Without Clomid. Without mass amounts of difficulty.

On the other, if its wrong, it's, well, wrong. Which means I didn't O, which means I still might not. I don't like the uncertainty.

If my temp stays up tomorrow, I'll officially consider myself in the 2ww and buy a few HPT's. Actually, I may not. I have a tendency to get over-eager and test way before I should. Mr. Cherry Bud, who knows nothing about charting but knows what DPO means, has gotten in the habit of asking "12 DPO??" and if the answer is no, refusing me access to HPT's. It's for my own good, and the good of our bank account, really.

So, here's to the idea that Baby Cherry Bud is already beginning to take up residency in his/her new home.

Yours Apprehensively,
Cherry Bud

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