August 8, 2010

Slow and steady wins the race?

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Just a quick update to say I had another monitoring appointment today at CD 21 and I do have a 14 mm follicle in my left ovary, so I am inching towards some progress here! My next monitoring appointment is on Tuesday. I hope hope hope I will have made more progress by then and the IUI will be a go!

As the IUI keeps getting more delayed I have been becoming a bit of a basketcase. Today when I was waiting for my u/s, a husband and wife (also American) came into the clinic with their twin babies to show them off to the staff. It was her first visit back to to the clinic since she got pregnant apparently, and she started crying. I started to get a little weepy, too, and my feelings were so complicated in that moment. I was crying because I was happy for her, and perhaps projecting a little by sharing in the emotions of her moment, but I was also crying because I was wondering whether I would some day have the opportunity to go back to that clinic with my baby(ies) and Mr. Blueberry Bud.

When we first started TTC, getting pregnant and having a baby seemed so concrete, like this was something that was really going to happen to us and it was such an exhilarating and exciting feeling! As time passes, the idea of having a take-home baby, like the kind you can push into the fertility clinic in a stroller, seems more and more abstract. Some day soon, I hope.


Silver Rose said...

:( That must have been a difficult experience for you. Hang in there and keep your thoughts positive!

June Bud said...

Keep your head up! I am praying for you!!


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