August 4, 2010

Green Tea and Waiting to O

This entry is going to have something startlingly like ADHD. I apologize in advance.

Still waiting on O. Le sigh.

On the bright side, watery CM yesterday, which I gave the total side-eye to. What is it doing here so early in the cycle? Not that I'm complaining, I just have the relationship with my reproductive organs that other people might have with a younger brother that is prone to pranks. He may seem genuinely and innocently trying to offer you a cookie, but if said cookie turns out to have crushed cockroaches in it, you can't say you shouldn't have known better.

I'm not sure that analogy made any sense. The connection seems shaky, even to me.

In GP (kind of) news, I've found the solution to green tea. For those of you who didn't know there was a problem with green tea, there is. It tastes like something is missing. FYI, it's mint. Green tea tastes like the absence of mint. But, one stop at the grocery store and I am swimming in green-tea-minty-yumminess. Delish. And good for baby making. Allegedly.

I'm very sorry for the incoherent-ness of this entry. I'm a bit frazzled at the moment and my brain is going in ten different directions. But I still love you all.

Mad as a Loon,
Cherry Bud


Silver Rose said...

Mint sounds like it would combine well...I love green tea ice cream, but not the actual tea...there's not much flavor to it.

Cherry Bud said...

There really isn't. It's a bit like water that tastes like it wants something else.
They make it as ice cream? That's an intriguing idea. I wonder if it has the same baby-making potential as the tea...


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