August 4, 2010

32 weeks, a visit to L&D and a surprise work shower

Well things are getting pretty hectic and busy in the life of Mr and Mrs. Obsessive Bud. First off we had a wonderful shower in my hometown when I was 30 weeks. We got such great gifts from a pack and play to a little activity mat. We are so blessed. Here are some photos from that shower.I still have about a million thank you letters to write and hopefully by the end of this weekend they will be finished!

Yum Yum! Best cake ever!

My Mom and Me

This passed Friday we had some excitement.. to say the least.

On Friday around lunch time I felt like someone was punching me in the bladder/uterus/ I didn't know what was going on. I didn't feel like they were contractions but I couldn't really walk without hurting REALLY bad. I thought I just had to pee super super bad went to pee and it still hurt. So I'm walking at work an one of my coworkers said oh it might be round ligament pain and I said yeah probably so. Call my doctor they said the same thing. Well I went to sit down because thats when it felt better and the pain just got worse so I called my doctor and said I'm heading into L&D. Well this entire time I'm trying to contact my husband at work and he is MIA.

Little did I know he was IN my office for my 'SURPRISE' shower that my coworkers planned. Hence the reason why she didn't want me to leave =) They came and told me and said, guess its time to tell you its today. Nice!

Then I feel horrible but know something isn't right so I decided just to go with Mr OB.

We get there and I'm really thinking they are going to say, you are a first time mom, its braxton hicks weirdo. Or get out of here its nothing. Well yeah thats not what happened. The nurse was pretty sure I was having a pain from a really bad UTI from my description and the fact that it was constant pain. They take my sample hook me up and low and behold Im having contractions but I dont feel anything because I'm in pain from the UTI so I really didn't know what was going on.

Anyways they gave me meds for the contractions and the UTI and sent me on my way. I will say my poor bladder was so irratiated and sore but besides that we are all fine and I'm so happy I went in. I really thought I was going to feel stupid and they were going to say its RLP.

Lesson learned: If you think something is wrong, something is probably wrong.

Here are some photos from that shower that I didn't get to attend but I'm so happy they were able to 'party it up' without me. Not only that but they gave us such wonderful gifts! A much needed swing and snap and go! Hopefully later this week, Pepper and I can bake them some goodies to tell them thank you for all they have done for us!

The organizers

The whole gang!

Yum Cake!

Awesome gifts!

After I got discharged from the hospital we had to go back to my office to get some cake, I mean, Mr. OB's car. Can you tell I have my priorities in line? We then had to pack up to take the trip to Baton Rouge where Mr OBis from for a shower there. I'm not going to lie that drive was miserable. We didn't even make it out of Houston and I was bawling. It hurt so bad to walk, to pee, to move, to do anything. I wanted to stay home and really should have to rest up but sucked it up and went. 6 1/2 hours later we finally made it. And its only a 4 hour trip. Its good we went to see family and friends, I just wish I wasn't so miserable. Needless to say I feel wonderful now! Some pictures from that shower.

Yum Cake!

Me and a friend. She made us some awesome burp cloths. All sewed by hand

32 Weeks

We had our 32 week checkup appointment on Tuesday. Everything went well. Good news is I'm only up 13 lbs. For being this far into the game and having weight issues all my life this is amazing to me! What a great feeling. My little Pepper is measuring a wee bit ahead. Wee bit is an understatement. 5 weeks to be exact. Right now that means nothing. Seriously nothing. Anything can happen and measurements are just estimates. We are having an ultrasound this Thursday to verify she really is that big and if she is we will just go with the flow. Right now I'm not worrying about it or stressing about it. Not much we can do. My blood pressure for some reason every single time I go to the doctors office is elevated however when I take it at home AND even at the pharmacies its low. So I have a feeling I just get worried and freaked out when I'm there and they are taking it. My doctor said right now I don't have any of the signs of pre-eclampsia (head aches, seeing dots, swelling, protein in my urine) so it might just be stress when I walk into the office.

I can't believe how far I am now. I swear just the other day I was peeing on a stick and before you know it she will be here! While Im excited to meet her she can stay in there as long as needed. I want her to. I'm not ready. And if one more person asks me if I'm ready.. I'm going to lose it =) Are you ever ready?

We really don't have that much more to do in her nursery. Its all pretty much finished. We just need to hang some stuff up from the ceiling and we are finished! All what is left on my to do list is packing my bag (finishing packing it), making some frozen dinners from dream dinners, get a freezer for the frozen dinners, take a CPR infant class, finish thank you notes, and organize her closet. Oh and get a carseat. We REALLY need to get that.


Sunflower Bud said...

That is so awesome!! You had some really great showers!

You aren't even ready after they are here for a few years so don't sweat it. :)

Ms. Understood said...

You look so beautiful! LOL @ the baby shower minus the momma, but it's so wonderful that your co-workers did that for you. the cakes all looked delicious.

Sarcastic Bud said...

You look so pretty! And how nice to have 3 showers, you must feel very loved :)

Silver Rose said...

Sorry you were in so much pain, but you look so beautiful! What a pretty mama!

Obsessive Bud said...

Thanks guys!


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