August 6, 2010

First ob/gyn appointment

Let me start off with these....

Do you notice something in the second picture??? no? maybe? As per my doctor its a boy!!!

Let's rewind.... Today was our first ob/gyn appointment after we were released from the RE's office. I met with a new doctor which is amazing, he is so informative and just sounds caring, I did not feel like I was in a factory and was a dollar sign. He works with high risk pregnancies and I could not be happier with our choice. After we meet I felt so comfortable. We have gone through 4 doctors within the last year and a half and it has not been easy.

He went over my test results from the RE's office and warned me that I am at risk for Preeclampsia. Great. Read all about it here. ugh. I am just going to continue praying and hope that our baby can make it full term and we have no complications. I also was dehydrated and had a little bit of sugar in my urine, which is so odd. I only drink water and a whole lot of it!

On a positive note, at the trans-vaginal u/s we were able to see the little one swimming all around, heard it's heartbeat beating at 170 BPM, saw the umbilical cord pumping pumping blood (which means NO MORE PROGESTERONE SUPPOSITORIES!!!!!) and then the doctor focused on an area and said it might be a boy. I was like what?!?!? we can tell so early on??? He explained sometimes the girls area might be swollen so we might think its a boy, however he zoomed in and got a bottom shot and no way these are swollen!!

We meet again in 2 weeks and I will speak to him in regards to the preeclampsia. Other than that.. I can not wait to go shopping!!!


Anonymous said...

I see what the dr is referring to as his guy tidbits. Congrats. Enjoy shoppingl.

Silver Rose said...

Aw, that's funny and so cute! Congrats on getting to go off the suppositories...that's gotta be a good thing!

June Bud said...

That is wonderful!!! I am so glad things went well! Good luck!

Makeup Bud said...

Wow 11 weeks and you found out that early?! You are so lucky! We found out at 17 weeks and our Dr said that was pretty much a miracle!

YAY for no more progesterone! I know how you feel (though I had injections 3x/week instead of suppositories)... it's SO nice knowing your body is doing what its supposed to!!

Worry Bud said...

Yaay, that's so awesome! Congrats on your little guy & on coming off progesterone!!


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