August 12, 2010

Boredom sets in.

First, here's a 22w6d picture of Smudge from our largely unsuccessful and painful u/s on wednesday.... note the hand to the forehead. I call it the "woe is me" pose... can you imagine the horror?! We actually wanted Smudge to MOVE and cooperate!! The nerve of us.

Back to today....

You would think spending a day off from work in front of the TV with your feet up, the remote, your water bottle and your laptop close at hand... well that day wouldn't be so bad right?

I'm bored to tears right now.

Why am i doing this today you ask?

Because celebrating being 23 weeks pregnant by having some contractions overnight is NOT fun. It was actually a little scary. Not the braxton hicks i've gotten used to - but real life, a little painful and WAY too early contractions. Three of them to count.

Three too many as far as I'm concerned.

So at 1am, Mr DB and I decided to call L&D. We weren't concerned that it was an emergency, so we didn't want to wake up our OB in the middle of the night for nothing, so we figured we get some quick advice. Then this morning, I called my nurse at the OBs office to fill her in. The current thinking is that the traumatic ultrasound I had on wednesday irritated my uterus and it's rebelling. Great. Rebel child AND rebel uterus. Perfect.

But, man, am I in trouble. Dr L is very mad at me for calling L&D. Not for bothering them - but for NOT calling her. She said SHE'S my doctor and all advice should come from her. That's what she's there for and next time I am to call HER at 1am, NOT L&D.

I think i'm grounded.

So today is extra water, extra rest and extra boredom.

And making sure Smudge stays put for quite a while longer.


Silver Rose said...

Oh man, sorry you've had such a stinky week! I know what you mean about being at home bored...I've been at home for 7 months and I would kill to be back at work!

Sarcastic Bud said...

Glad to hear Smudge is doing well. I was worried about you!

June Bud said...

Oh my ! I am glad that both of you are ok! Kudos to your OB for wanting to be there for you!!

Worry Bud said...

OMG how scary, but glad to hear all is well. Take care of yourself & rest up as much as you need to!


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