July 30, 2010

Surgery was a success!

Went into my RE appointment thinking I was just having a vaginal ultrasound.... wasn't I surprised to find out I was having a hysteroscopy?! All was well though. It wasn't painful or uncomfortable at all so they didn't do the local anesthesia they normally do for it. My RE's words were "It didn't hurt because I did it." He's just a little cocky...

The hysteroscopy showed a beautiful and perfect uterus. Everything has healed up beyond Dr. P's expectations and he said it's looking absolutely wonderful. He held up the "before" pictures from before he started my surgery and compared them to the screen showing what it looks like now. It doesn't even look like the same uterus anymore. It's absolutely clear in there and you can see both tubes wide open. The endometrial tissue has grown tremendously and there is no sign of the scarring from surgery where the fibroid was.

He was beyond impressed and had a huge smile on his face the entire time. This is a man who rarely shows any personality or emotion. When I remarked about it to Debbie, his nurse, she was laughing and said that he's always bursting at the seams when he knows he did an exceptional job.

He said I can stop the Premarin and Provera today and that I am to return for CD3 bloodwork to check my estradiol and FSH levels when I get my next "natural" period. In other words, not this coming period since it will be hormone induced. Then is CD22 bloodwork to test estradiol again and progesterone. I asked him if we were okay to try on our own naturally this month after my period starts and he said without a doubt, absolutely and he strongly encourages it. We'll also try on our own naturally with timed intercourse the following cycle. He said after those 2 cycles, I will come back in 2 weeks after my CD22 blood work and we'll discuss the results and our next steps if I am not pregnant.

I feel MUCH better about that than what he had decided last time (6 months trying on our own starting in October).


Cherry Bud said...

Exciting! Congrats to you (and your doctor?) on a successful surgery!

Sarcastic Bud said...

OMG, SB! I just let out a huge SQUEEEE!!!! after I read your post and the husband looked at me like I was crazy.

This is very, VERY exciting news.

Jen J. said...

Oh I'm so happy everything healed up nicely & the surgery was a great success!!! GL these next couple of cycles, I hope you get your BFP very very soon. :)


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