July 6, 2010

S/A Saga

In my last post I was getting ready to discuss the possibility of adoption with Mr. Sassy Bud if we got to a point where we could not conceive without medical intervention. The discussion went well and I think it is something we are both open to but we've decided to leave any further discussions until we have some concrete answers.

The next step that I have been waiting for Mr. Sassy Bud to take was getting his S/A.
I finally ended up making an appointment for him that he said would work with his hectic schedule at work. He was supposed to drop off his sample at the RE's office last Thursday. That morning he had an unexpected meeting scheduled at work that he couldn't get out of.

Needless to say I was quite upset. After 3 months of waiting I felt so relieved to have this out of the way, only to find out I had to wait even longer for answers. I may have said some not so nice things to Mr. Sassy Bud that day.

I then decided that I was going to just drop the subject completely and leave it up to him to make the appointment. He informed me last night he had rescheduled his appointment for Wednesday of this week. Unfortunately, that just won't work!

Let me back track a little. The reason we have had such a problem coordinating the S/A is that Mr. Sassy Bud needs some "assistance" with his sample. He is one of the rare men that just can't (or won't?) do it on his own. In order to get the sample, I purchased a special condom from the RE's office to collect the sample through intercourse. While that may be TMI for some, I thought it was important to discuss. I didn't realize that you could get the sample that way or that you would need a special condom to collect the sample until I got the paperwork from the RE.

Anyway, this basically requires that I go home at lunch time to meet him and then he can bring the sample in. With my work schedule, I can be in different locations each day. I am always at my main office on Thursdays so hopefully he can and will make the effort to change the appointment for Thursday of this week.

Of course this week I should be O-ing so we might lose our opportunity for good timing due to abstaining for the S/A, but I think it is well worth it to finally get some answers. I am hoping for some nice, strong, healthy sperm!


Jen J. said...

GL - make sure not to abstain for too long before you give the sample. I think the max is like 4 days or so. Praying for good results for you guys!!

Taryn said...

Good luck, lovey...I hope Mr SB is able to reschedule his appointment so you can get down to business! ;)

Sunflower Bud said...

I'm glad he's finally getting it done! Hoping for great news!

Ms. Understood said...

Git 'er done!! Good luck.

Silver Rose said...

Good luck! Sending good thoughts your way!


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