July 1, 2010

No real update so far... my uterus is still on vacation.

Just finished my first completely cycle of hormone therapy. 25 days of meds and 5 days of no meds. Started my period this morning and it's nice and light so far. 27 day cycle is what was normal for me before all the symptoms of the fibroid starting showing up so it's nice to be back to that. Hopefully my period will stay light, which is also what was normal before I had the fibroid.

I've been contemplating whether or not to call the RE and see if I can get in earlier than my July 15th appointment.

My reasoning is that by that appointment, I will have already ovulated. I'm an early ovulator, generally between CD11-13. I'd like for the month to not be out if it doesn't have to be.

Also, from my predictions if my cycles stay on this track, I'll be ovulating in August the week we are out of the country on vacation. Therefore, making any treatment in August impossible. :(

Which means that we wouldn't even be able to begin treatments until September. Which seems like FOREVER from now. Not to mention that I know that once you have fibroids, your chance of them reoccurring is higher so I'm terrified of having another one and needing more surgery.


Flora Bud said...

I'm sorry :( I hope the Fibroid does not return. Maybe your vacation is what you need ;) GL

Sarcastic Bud said...

I hope you and your ute have a wonderful vacation :)

Enjoy it, this will be the last one before you become pregnant :)


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