July 28, 2010

Introducing Cherry Bud!

Hello All!

My name (as it were) is Cherry Bud. Mr. Cherry Bud and I have been married since May 2009. We enjoyed being newlyweds, but tiny little cherry babies were always in the back of our minds. We both love children, you see. Mr. Cherry Bud opened the conversation of our third date with the words "I think you should know. I want six kids". I told my mother at age three that I wanted quintuplets. Our reproductive dreams were so well-known, and our supposed future children considered such a sure thing, that, a month before my wedding, my sisters in law bestowed upon me two bins of maternity clothes. Big ones. We are, without a doubt, "baby people".

When we had been married about six months, we had "the conversation", and pronounced 2011 "The Year of the Baby". By March of 2010, however, we found that our goals of being debt-free were closer to being realized that we had thought. We happily moved the date to June 2010, then to April 2010. I went to my Pre-TTC appointment with visions of onesies and layette sets dancing in my head.

Then my doctor (Who looks fantastically like a hobbit. To a nerd like me, having Bilbo Baggins as a doctor is a dream come true) said a troubling stream of words, among them "Abnormal", "Worrisome", and "Clomid", none of which are nice to hear on their own, let alone all in one sentence. Because of my atypically long and irregular cycles, he was worried that I wasn't ovulating quite as often as we would like, or at all.


He gave us the green light to TTC, but said that if I went past a 60-day cycle, I needed to give his office a call so that we could "discuss" our "options".

My first cycle off BCP was a dreamboat of a cycle. Beautiful temp rise at day 23, nice long luteal phase. I was ecstatic. Even AF's arrival couldn't derail my good mood. I was convinced that with such a reassuring first cycle, there was no way we could have anything but an easy conception. Wrong.

My next cycle arrived, and liked the scenery so much that it stayed. For 82 days. 82 days of temps hovering around 97.4. No O. No perfect luteal phase. No BFP and no AF. Doctors were phoned, sweet nurses called me "dear", and Provera was prescribed. Provera, FYI, makes me crazy. In a Ted Bundy kind of way. I yelled at my husband for calling me beautiful. No lie.

On the bright side, the Provera worked like a charm, and CD1 arrived again. Our next step is Clomid, to be discussed with Dr. Baggins on August 11.

Being a mother, is, as 1953 as it sounds, the biggest dream I have ever had. This journey will be, I can already tell, one that I will enable me to look at my new baby and tell them "We tried so hard for you, and now you are here, and we love you". I cannot wait for that moment. For now, I am content to be in love with Mr. Cherry Bud, who is as anxious to count tiny toes as I am, and who occasional brings home baby socks from Target, sheepishly telling me that they were "just so cute. And only a dollar!". Thank you for being a part of this story with us. Here;s hoping and praying for a happy ending!

Cherry Bud


Sunflower Bud said...

Welcome and good luck to you!

I have been on Provera for the last 2 months and I agree, it sucks! It makes me a hot flashing crazy mess.

Cherry Bud said...

Isn't it the worst? Bless you for being on it for two months! I only had it for ten days, and I was a crazy person.

Planner Bud said...

Welcome and good luck!

Sarcastic Bud said...

Welcome to the blog! I have trouble ovulating as well and Provera and Clomid did the trick for me!

Good luck!

Jen J. said...

Welcome - can't wait to read more on your story! GL to you. :)

Ms. Understood said...

Welcome and good luck!!

Silver Rose said...

Hi Cherry Bud! Thank you for sharing your story. I love that your doctor is like Bilbo...awesome! Good luck on your cycle! I know how you feel about the hormones...my progesterone for endometriosis does the same thing, but I keep thinking about that pregnancy I'll hopefully have when I'm ready.

Blueberry Bud said...

Welcome Cherry Bud! I am a new bud, too:) Good luck this cycle - I hope Clomid does the trick for you.

Cherry Bud said...

Thank you for the warm welcome, ladies!


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