July 28, 2010

Bad Baby Planner Bud No Disney Trip for You!

That's right, future baby PB (wherever you may be), your Mom and Dad are going to be taking the first family PB Disney trip (hopefully of many) just the two of them. However don't be too sad, Grandpa and Meme PB are already talking about taking a whole family trip to Disney once you arrive (whenever that may be) and can fly, even if you don't remember a thing.

Yes, it looks like Mr. PB and I will be enjoying our anniversary trip to Disney sans fetus. AF decided to show her ugly face this morning with no warning signs other than a drop in temperature. The sneaky biatch didn't give me usual week of incredibly sore breasts and stiff back and few days of painful cramps; she just thought it would be funny to sneak up and make me think my temperature dropping was just a fluke. She even came a day late! Can you believe that? Well we are onto cycle 8.

Even though I had my breakdown today when Mr. PB came home from work and I am definitely looking forward to my greasy dinner of a cheeseburger and fries, I am not entirely distraught. Don't get me wrong, I can't believe we are moving onto cycle 8 and still haven't conceived, but I can't wait for our trip next week. We planned this Disney trip for our anniversary about 8 months ago because DH didn't want to go for our honeymoon. At the time of planning, I had visions on myself slightly waddling through the park and picking up small gender specific trinkets (for of course we would know the gender by then) and getting baby PB his/her first pair of Mickey ears with his/her name on the back. Months into TTC, I figured I wouldn't be far enough along to know the gender or name, but would still need to keep occupied while Mr. PB was busy on rides that I couldn't go on with baby PB. I planned on picking up a couple stuffed animals (I had my own quite large collection of Disney stuffed animals as a child) and a few gender neutral items. So much for my plan. However, now I can have the best of both worlds: riding all my favorite crazy rides and buying some little things for future baby PB.

The best part of the trip will be that my fertile time falls right on our trip and around our anniversary. Maybe we will be lucky enough to conceive not only an anniversary baby, but a Disney baby as well. I will try to post again right before we leave for our trip.


Silver Rose said...

Wouldn't that make for a great story? "You were conceived in the happiest place on earth!"

I hope you two have a wonderful anniversary! We're hoping to go back there for Christmastime. Enjoy yourself!

Ms. Understood said...

Sorry that AF came, but what a wonderful memory it would be to make your very own Disney Baby. Good luck.

Sunflower Bud said...

We conceived Baby Sunflower Bud on our very first vacation together. I hope you bring home a great souvenir!

Blueberry Bud said...

I'm sorry, PB :( It is always disappointing when we imagine things a certain way and it doesn't pan out out. I do hope that you have a most wonderful trip, though, and that it will be a welcome escape from the stress of every day life & ttc.


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