July 22, 2010

I got a feeling!

This is the phrase that Mr. PB has been standing behind for about a week. From the time we stopped having plenty of BDing, I have been told that this is the cycle and that he hasn't felt this way before about any of my other cycles. He has been on me to test since I think CD 4 or 5. We are heading to a friend's wedding today and will be on home Saturday. For this reason, he woke me up this morning during my first real week of vacation (hence the post at 6:45) so that I could test. No amount of explaining that testing at 8 dpo rarely gives positives and the chances are high I would get a negative even if things did work out for this cycle. Like the good wifey I am, I woke up and tested before he went to work and ........ it was negative. I was okay until I told him and had this incredibly crushed look on his face and just asked when my next cycle begins. I tried to explain to him again that I could still be pregnant, but it could be too early and I would test again on Sunday. This didn't seem to help. Now he is off to work and I sitting at home depressed, which is exactly the reason why I stopped testing early. At least I have a busy weekend to keep me busy. Tonight is my friends' rehearsal for their wedding, and then I will spend Friday with the bride and Mr. PB will be with the groom and Friday night is the wedding, and Saturday we are a little post wedding breakfast if we can get up. At least I won't feel horrible about having a few drinks. I don't mean to go over board, but I enjoy a few glasses of wine.

On a much different note, can I tell you how much I absolutely love the CBE digital opks? They are like this little magical stick that you pee on. I was so excited to see my smiley face (though it did happen on a day Mr. PB had to work about 16 hours, so no BDing occurred even though the doctor order it). It took all the guess work out of wondering whether I was having LH surge or not. They are wonderful and would probably continue to use them even if they cost $75 a box! Why didn't I find them sooner?

If you remember a few posts back, I said that my doctor had order cd3 and cd20 bw. Well the cd 3 came back "normal for a woman your age" whatever that means and I went for the cd20 bw on Monday and will call the results today. I will keep you updated.

Hopefully Mr. PB's "feelings" are as correct as they usually are and I will have something good to update you ladies on next week. :)


Sunflower Bud said...

I love the CBE digital OPK's! But I order them on eBay and save a ton of money that way. They are normally $20 a box on eBay.

Ms. Understood said...

Good luck, I hope you have some good news. I used the CBEFM. I really like it. Been using it for a while to get to know my cycle even though we're not trying yet.

Jen J. said...

Good luck - praying that his "feeling" is right!!


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