July 22, 2010

BW update

I just spoke with the nurse from my Dr.'s office. My cd 20 bloodwork for progesterone came back within the normal range (it was around 23). From here on out, it is the same old, same old. Since my insurance won't cover anything until I have been officially off bcp for 12 months, I have to wait until at least October. Since that is only 9 months of actually trying, DH and I need to decide if we want to say we were trying the whole time or wait an honest 12 months of TTC. She also advised me to keep a "period calendar" with the dates each of my cycles start and end. Oh if she only knew that charting I have been doing.
I ave not given up hope for this cycle, but we still have a couple more cycles to work through before we can do anything.


Ms. Understood said...

Sorry you have to wait three more months. I hope they fly by.


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