July 19, 2010

23-24 weeks - we've reached viability baby!

Today I'm 24 weeks & 2 days pregnant, which means our precious little Baby Worry Bud has reached the point of viability!!! That means that she would have a chance of surviving outside of the womb if she were born today. Of course, we absolutely DO NOT want her to come any time soon - November or late October sounds best to her mama & daddy, so she just needs to stay in there & keep growing big & strong! Baby WB is pretty much fully developed at this point, but she still has some stuff going on - her taste buds are developing & her lungs are continuing to mature. She's now putting on weight more rapidly & should be about 1.5 lbs. this week & 12.5 inches long! She also kicks away more & more every day. This past week, I registered for breastfeeding & childbirth classes, as well as our hospital tour! The BF class is in mid-August & I'm actually really excited to go to the class! Every milestone that gets me closer to my baby girl is a good thing. :)

Much to Mr. WB's dismay, my baby-buying obsession has persisted, but I have been limiting myself to only 1-2 things per pay period. I tell ya, it's so addicting buying cute stuff for your 1st little one! Mr. WB says I'm spoiling her already, but I say, she has no clue what spoiling even is yet, so it'll be fine! I am not buying any of the items on my registry - I have decided to restrict myself from that until after we have our showers (Mr. WB's family lives several hours away & is generously hosting a smaller one in their area for us as well) & see what goodies we get for her. I did, however, take advantage of that awesome deal buti-bag company was offering to Bloomin' Babies readers last week & purchased this adorable giraffe print blanket:

::dies from cuteness overload::

I can't wait to get it, I bet it's gonna be super soft & cuddly! And I defintiel'y can't wait until I get to put it to use with our precious little Baby WB!

I have been feeling pretty good overall - just sore here & there by the end of the day. And I've also noticed that I am starting to get a little stuffy, which I hear is common during pregnancy. I had a OB appointment this past Friday & I gained like 6 lbs since my 20 week appointment! The Nurse Practitioner, who I saw this time, said that I should try to just keep an eye on my weight & stay active, but that she's not extremely worried about such a fast jump over the 4-week period...she said it happens sometimes, but that I should only be gaining about 1 lb. per week during this part of my pregnancy. Eh well. I'm still well within the normal weight range, so I'm trying not to worry too much about it. But I am gonna get more strict on myself about walking on the treadmill @ the gym a couple times a week & about finding a pre-natal yoga class. We got to hear Baby WB's heartbeat at the appt., which was right around the 150 beats per minute range - very normal & I got a lab slip to do my 1 hour glucose tolerance test. It's supposed to be done during week 26, so I'll handle that in a couple weeks - wish me luck! Oh & the NP also checked out the swollen area under my right arm & she says it's just a swollen lymph node & warned that it may even get more swollen as my milk comes in. I asked when I would need to start counting the baby's kicks & she said not until around 30-32 weeks, but as long as she's moving daily then it's normal for now. And she definitely does that, hahaha! I also contacted my "life photographer" (as I've dubbed her), who shot our engagement & wedding photos & am working now with her to schedule a maternity photo shoot & also a newborn photo shoot when the babe arrives. The tentative plan is to do the maternity shots in mid-September, so I'll be a little over 30 weeks. And that's about it for the past two weeks of my pregnancy - just truckin' right along & waiting to meet our little girl in a little under 16 weeks! I can't believe how quickly time has been flying by!

And I definitely feel like I look pregnant nowadays - here are my week 23 & 24 bump shots. Still no stretch marks that i didn't have pre-pregnancy - hopefully it stays that way. :) I'm always either in maternity clothes or stretchy pants & fewer & fewer of my pre-pregnancy shirts fit now:

 23 Weeks:

24 Weeks:

So that's about all going on with me for now...wish me luck on the 1 hour glucose test I'll be taking in about two weeks! I wanna send a special prayer up for Chef Bud who is in the 2ww for IVF #1 - I hope you get your long awaited BFP & that you have a safe trip back home. 


Ms. Understood said...

Awwww . . . look at your baby bump!!! Congrats on getting to V-day. Enjoy the balance of your pregnancy. I can't wait for the little one to make an appearance in Oct/Nov.

Silver Rose said...

Congrats on such a great two weeks, and viability! I've been following the blog regularly now and I bet my bf wishes I didn't, because now I'm talking about when that time comes for us (not for a couple more years). Glad to hear things are going great!

Worry Bud said...

:) Thanks girls!

@Silver Rose - so glad you enjoy the blog! MH hated how much I knew once we started trying too, but it ended up paying off b/c I identified a problem early, which led us to our MFI Dx & ultimately - our baby girl who's wiggling away right now. :)

Blessed Bud said...

Congrats on making V-Day Worry Bud! Your baby bump is too cute ;)


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